There’s power in numbers.

Novecento (900) is the sum of all our parts. It’s a symbol. An experience. A gathering space – meant to bring people together in a setting that is classically rare, never medium and always well done. Novecento can feel like a Sunday dinner at home with the family yet thrives as a business lunch option with colleagues, a laissez faire night out with your partner, or a Fútbol match with the fellas.


Our love for our guests and our food knows no limits.

Our roots run deep. Quickly becoming a local icon after first opening our doors in 1991 in SoHo, NY, we went international — opening locations in the trendy Cañitas, Argentina; a summer seasonal restaurant in Punta Del Este, Uruguay; and a local favorite in Cordoba, Argentina. That success drove the opening of locations in key areas of South Florida.

We’ve stayed true to the core elements that have made us a fan favorite for almost three decades. Every day, we take care of our team members, our guests and our community. When it comes to food, we believe that fresh and made-from-scratch is the only way. Our guests are our neighbors, friends and family and we can’t wait to welcome you back to our home!



Initiative means we take action without direction from above to improve our knowledge and come up with solutions to problems. With each team member taking initiative, the leverage is immense.


Innovation means looking at new ways of doing the same thing. It also means knowing which areas are appropriate for innovation, having the courage to change, and tolerating failures.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is how we get better. We continually seek ways to learn from processes and improve them and ourselves. The chain of command has the obligation to develop and institute mechanisms to achieve continuous improvement.


We encourage team members to take action and we support them if they make mistakes. We employ stewardship delegation, explain what we want accomplished and allow flexibility in how it is accomplished.


We exercise participative openness: freedom to speak one’s mind. We challenge our own thinking and we think out loud.


Timeliness means we do things on time: start work on time, qualify on time, and are ready for busy hours on time. Working to accomplish processes quickly and efficiently results in a more effectively organization.

Intimate Technical Knowledge

Intimate technical knowledge means that each of us is responsible for learning our areas of responsibility. We make decisions based on technical reasons, not hope.


Commitment means we are present when we come to work. We give it our best. We choose to be here.


Integrity is a higher value than loyalty. Or better put, integrity is the highest form of loyalty. Integrity means being integrated or centered on principles not on people, organizations, or even family.